This includes websites with successes mentioned below:


Our full list of clients is impressive:


ESDU ( Engineering Sciences Data Unit )

Phil Cotton Classic Motorcycles

Charter Solutions

Charter Interim Management


Peter Mawson Joiners Ltd


Clan Connections

Dallam Adult Education Centre

Barrow Chess Club

Ulverston Chess Club

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This is my latest site, for Peter Mawson Joiners.  It includes an interactive previous work page where an image appears on the screen depending on what link you press, without the need to open up a new page.  

This includes a website produced by Alan Llewellyn for UMIST. This was done in 1996 and was Alan's introduction to web development.


Since then we have worked on a site for the national environmental technology organization called . Produced by Mike Dawson, Alan Llewellyn and Robert Armistead.

I have also worked on a club website (Ulverston Chess Club) . Produced by Alan Llewellyn.

Current live work includes and 

I have dealt in these, and other web related projects, with php, Flash, JavaScript, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++ (and Visual C++), VBScript, CGI Script, DHTML, Java Applets, ASP, SQL,  Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Corel Draw, Corel Photo-Paint, Personal Web Server, Internet Information Server, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook Express, Outlook and the old favorite Notepad.

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