Have you got Internet connection problems, can't get your E-Mail or Internet to work?

Want to become an expert web designer or just learning to how to surf? Then we provide the expertise.

We have the experience in lecturing at Dallam Adult Education Centre in Cumbria, and we have also trained many clients from the businesses that we have worked with.

For 30 ph, I can show you Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Notepad, Frontpage, HTML, JavaScript, Java Applets, Flash, Dreamweaver, CGI Script, 'Online' Access.

Other Expert training includes:

  • E-Mail and Internet Connection Problems.

  • Microsoft Office (including Access, PowerPoint, Excel , Word and Outlook).

  • Object Orientated Programming Techniques (latest programming methods).

  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Techniques (latest trends in colours and mechanics of websites).

  • Delphi, Visual Basic and Visual C++ Languages.

  • Most Graphical Design Programs.

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